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Last NameFirst NameGenderSportInduction YearCommunity
AllardLorneMale Hockey, Baseball1984 Port Arthur
AllisonDaveMale Hockey2009 Fort Frances
AsseffChrisMale Hockey1994 Fort William
BarylukMitchMale Basketball1986 Thunder Bay
BerglundArtMale Hockey2004 Fort Frances
BodeLotharMale Track and Field1989 Port Arthur/Thunder Bay
BoyleCharles J. Male Hockey1990 Port Arthur
BragnaloFredMale All Round2010 Fort William/Thunder Bay
CameronLenMale Curling2001 Fort William
CampbellBerylFemale Skating1992 Fort Wiliam/Thunder Bay
CavaAlbertMale Hockey2017 Port Arthur/Thunder Bay
CharleboisBillMale Curling2007 Fort William/Thunder Bay
ChepilArtMale Hockey2000 Fort William
ClaytonFrancisMale Wrestling2002 Thunder Bay
CookGaryMale Hockey2008 Thunder Bay
CousineauRayMale All-round1998 Port Arthur
CromptonThomasMale All-round1992 Port Arthur
CurtisHarryMale All-round2006 Thunder Bay
DampierAlexMale Hockey2012 Nipigon
DonatiHildaFemale Hockey1988 Port Arthur
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